Top Concealers for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are reddish marks that typically occur as a result of rapid weight gain and can be unsightly and embarrassing. Stretch marks that occur when the skin stretches too fast may be light or dark, short or long, shallow or deep.

While only laser treatment can resurface the skin and get rid of the marks altogether, it is still possible to use products to conceal the marks and make them less noticeable.

Mineral Makeup for Stretch Marks

Mineral makeup is ideal for stretch marks as it fills in even as it conceals. Stretch marks form shallow lines on the skin that are at times more noticeable than their color, such that they have to be filled in so as to be concealed properly.

The main ingredient in mineral makeup is titanium dioxide which does a great job of providing coverage and can be layered to fill the channels. Apply a couple of layers of mineral makeup to the stretch mark itself before you add a layer to blend it with the rest of the skin.

While this will not be waterproof, it is suitable if you intend to wear revealing clothing and don’t want the marks to show.

Body Makeup for Stretch Marks

Water-resistant liquid body makeup may sometimes be used to cover up spider vains, scars and other marks and blemishes on the skin. Body makeup is usually used on a professional grade and may be purchased from your local store.

This product works in concealing the bright colored stretch marks to make them less noticeable. And because this makeup is waterproof, you can go swimming with it on.