Why Smiling Makes You Look Younger

The search for the fountain of youth has yielded many secrets, but none more valuable than that of the power of a smile.

According to science, research (and your mother), smiling is one of the best ways to look younger.

A psychological study  stated that test subjects who were shown facial expressions such as smiling had a more positive opinion on age estimates.

The study explained that while our bias on age estimates is often based on multiple factors, the smile focuses the viewer on the immediate picture, which was positive. That in turn translates to a perception of youth.

This explains why, even in particular instances where we only view a person’s picture without background information (LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and etc); we are often drawn to those with smiles and happy faces.

How Happiness Impacts Your Biological Age

Training Your Brain

Aside from the obvious cosmetic advantage, let’s factor in the numerous facets of smiling, how it affects our brain chemistry, and how that in turn impacts our want for a youthful look.

Let’s explain this with some context. Scientific study states that our emotions affect us by pairing them with different changes in our body. When we’re happy, our heart rate elevates and we smile.

But further research explains that this can in fact work in the opposite direction as well.

Our brain pays attention to every change our body makes, and that affects our emotions. By focusing on our facial muscles, our brain registers that we’re smiling and that tricks our brain into thinking positively. The more you smile, the more your brain will become aware of the activities you’re doing.

And that inevitably trains it to perform better and in your favor.

The Effects of Smiling on Your Body

When you smile, your brain adjusts your body’s chemistry and improves it to reflect your happier stance. The happier you are, the healthier you’ll be.

And with better health, your skin and body will reflect a youthful glow, which is what you need.

Improving Your Smile

With all the above scientific research to prove a smile’s worth, it’s easy to say that smiling is perhaps one of the best anti-aging tips that you need.

However, if there are any cosmetic reasons why you may not want to smile, remember there’s always a solution. For people with dental issues, using whitening systems like SoleilGLO can provide you with healthy-looking teeth, and more confidence.

As for those with skin problems, use cosmetics databases like Cosmetiqo to get the best anti aging ingredients to aid your smile. Keep in mind that nothing should hinder you from getting that youthful glow.

By smiling brightly, you can reap the benefits of a younger look along with a happier and healthier body. And that’s something you’d be silly to say no to.