Slim Bod with a Double Chin – How to Get Rid of that Chin Fat

You’ve been taking care of your body, and the hard work is paying off. With the best diets and regimes, you’ve conquered those once flabs of fat, and are now well on your journey to the curves you’ve dreamt of.

Yet, there’s not much you can do for your chin.

For all the exercise regimes and diets you’ve followed, nothing seems to target that flab of extra fat under your chin and it’s making you cranky. Sure, you’ve read that chewing gum (sugar free!) and mouth exercises are worth a shot. But with all your efforts, your double chin is still staying stubbornly double. And now, you’re running out of patience and options.

But don’t fret, there may still be something you can do.

Why do you have a Double Chin?

According to an article in Medical News Today, some people are genetically inclined to getting a double chin, which in layman terms, means that a lack of skin elasticity may run in your family.

As such, even if you lose weight, that little elasticity won’t be able to bounce your skin back to its original shape. And the results may get even worse as you age and lose even more fat.

What Should You Do?

If you’d rather go down the surgical route, then your best option would be liposuction. However, this does come with its own share of warnings. Costs aside, if you require extensive surgery for your double chin, you may need to take time off and separate your finances so you can pay aptly for the reconstruction.

In some cases, your own chin may not be as pronounced on your bone structure to support the newly crafted skin. For this, you may need to get chin implants to support it, and that can cause a risk of infection or rejection.

Alternate Solution

Products such as the Chin Up Mask have become quite popular as non-surgical methods of ridding a double chin. Painless and much simpler for use, the ChinUp Mask works as an effective face mask for a double chin.

Created with specific ingredients that stimulate the underlying layers of your skin, the mask smoothes the bumps in the skin and tightens them. This strengthens your skin cells and stretches the skin closer together, thereby restricting the fat from spreading. That results in a smoother and firmer chin.


For the sake of your weight loss efforts, make the right choice and educate yourself so you know you’re going down the right road.

Getting rid of that double chin won’t be a problem. Just eat healthy, exercise and find the right solutions so that your efforts work for the long run.