Skincare Rules Every New Makeup Lover Should Know

The pristine smells, the gorgeous colors, the feeling of swiping that brush against your cheek, watching your skin transform to a luscious pink, outlining your perfect look – this is what makeup is all about.

But as a newcomer to the world of makeup, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, and we don’t blame you. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to master when it comes to makeup.

So here are some tricks of the trade to help you keep your skin in top condition.

Makeup Rules You Should Follow

  • Skincare isn’t Just for Your Face

Your neck, décolletage and the back of your hands; all require care as well. Sun protection and moisture is necessary since you can look weathered without it. Rule of thumb: proper skincare stops at right below your cleavage. So don’t just stop at your neck or jawline. You’ll be grateful later.

  • Small Details for Hair Care are the Most Important

So don’t even think about skipping that heat-protectant spray! While it may not seem as productive when you’re applying the product, using protectant sprays can retain the beauty and silkiness of your locks in the long run.

  • Do Not Skip Foundation

It doesn’t do well to skip foundation just to get that more natural look. In fact, skipping this product only makes you appear older since the use of extra makeup brings out dry spots and marks on your skin that were otherwise protected.

  • Bedtime Routines can Work Miracles

There’s always something you can do to improve your skin. Along with taking a good night’s sleep, use your bedtime to deep moisturize your face, lips, cuticles and heels. Since you’re not really using them when you’re asleep, the ingredients in those products can use the time to work their magic.

  • Sunscreen is Your Best Anti-Aging Ingredient

You must never ignore sunscreen. Sun exposure can cause discoloration and stubborn dark spots. So instead of using anti-damage products later on, invest in some quality sunscreen through the recommendation of a dermatologist.

  • Focus on One Anti-Aging Ingredient If It Works

If you can’t go on a spending spree for the right anti-aging ingredient, stick to the one that already works for you. There are numerous products that available that feature particular anti-aging ingredients. Find them through our cosmetics database and stock up on them. And don’t just disregard this rule because you’re in your twenties. Your skin is still under stress. Don’t underestimate your skin’s strength if you’re just beginning to pay attention to it.

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