DIY Antiperspirants To Keep Sweat At Bay

Body odor can be the greatest turn off for not only you but also the people around you. Especially it can be really disgusting and can shatter your public image forever.

It is time to buck up and keep it at bay because not only would it spoil your reputation, it would also degrade your health and would breed germs too.

Now, the market is flooded with array of anti-perspirants to control your sweat and body odor but the harmful chemicals and not so skin-friendly ingredients can really take a toll on your delicate skin.

Some people are even prone to eruptions and irritations in skin, which can perpetuate in serious problems, so here goes a list of DIY antiperspirants, which are skin-friendly and easy to make:

Baking Soda DIY Antiperspirant:

Baking soda has immense antiperspirant properties, which kills bacteria and also removes sweaty patches effectively. Mix 1/4th cup of baking soda with 1/4 cup of arrowroot powder, even corn starch would do.

baking soda antiperspirant

First blend the two powders well and then slowly pour 5tablespoons coconut oil to the soda mixture. Store this deodorant in a container or a stick dispenser for easy application.

Shea Butter DIY Antiperspirants:

Shea butter has most wonderful antibacterial and humectant properties. It can also kill odor and leave you with a lingering essence.

Mix 3tablespoons of shea butter with equal amount of baking soda. 2tablespoons corn starch and 2tablespoons of cocoa butter are to be blended along with the shea butter mixture.

shea butter

After a thorough blending add 2 vitamin E oil gel capsules to add more benefits to it.

Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil, be it tea-tree or lavender to the entire paste and store it in a clean container. Refrigerate it to set the deodorant and it is ready to be used.

Good luck!