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Advancement teeth whitening research has made teeth whitening a lot easier for most people from the comfort of their very own homes. The SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System is one such a kit of products that have become quite popular amongst people looking to whiten their teeth.soleilglo-whitening-teeth-results-14-days-cosmetiqo

Why try Soleil GLO?

We have been brushing and even flossing our teeth for as long as any of us can remember. This is not only because it keeps the teeth looking clean and fresh, but also because it keeps the teeth looking good. However, over time, it is common to see teeth changing shades from the bright white that we often have at childbirth to a yellow shade.

There are many ways to whiten teeth such as whitening toothpastes, homemade remedies such as rubbing charcoal on your teeth and dental visits that involve whitening procedures that cannot be performed at home. Now, with SoleilGLO, you can get the same professional results, manufacturers promise.

What causes teeth to become yellow?

1. Aging

The teeth are composed of two hard parts, the enamel and the dentine. The dentine layer is under the enamel layer which is what we all see. As we age, the dentine slowly becomes yellow. It is also as we age that the enamel layer becomes thinner.

It is therefore expected that as you age, the yellowing dentine will start to show through the thinning enamel. This kind of discoloration is often unavoidable, but thanks to numerous teeth whitening technologies, it can be minimized and even reduced.

2. Coffee, Tea and other beverages

We all love to have that daily cup of coffee or tea to keep us alert, but what a lot of us don’t know is that these drinks can contribute a lot to the loss of whiteness in teeth. The enamel may look smooth to the naked eye but it actually contains little ridges and pits that are more than capable of holding bits of liquid from these drinks.

The dark color pigments from these drinks can very easily become embedded in these pits on the teeth. They can very easily be removed by regular brushing but if this is not done in good time, the pigments can become more permanent stains on the teeth that make the whiteness reduce.

3. Smoking

It is definitely no secret that excessive smoking is harmful to one’s health, but what a lot of people often don’t notice until it is visible is the effect that cigarette smoking has on the teeth. There are two main causes of loss of whiteness in teeth from smoking; tar and nicotine.

When the tobacco in the cigarettes is inhaled, these two substances come into contact with the microscopic pits and ridges of the enamel layer of the teeth. This contact is what leads to the discoloring of the teeth, especially if not taken care of by daily brushing.

Whatever the reason for this change in teeth color from white to not so white, most people are often dissatisfied with this and the result is that many look for ways to try and whiten their teeth. A simple internet search will probably show you many ways to brighten your teeth.  This is where many prefer to turn to dentists and oral professionals for advice.

Why do people want to whiten their teeth?

To look better and make a good impression on people.

For the longest time, white teeth have always been associated with the universal standards of beauty. Dull colored teeth do not generally look good and so many people opt for teeth whitening to combat this effect.

The reason why teeth whitening is perhaps very important to people is the impression that it makes on people.  We all want to present an image of good grooming to everyone we come across.

To be more confident

Whiter teeth carry with them a strong sense of self confidence for all people who possess them. Having dull discolored teeth can make us feel shy about interacting with people around us and that is a great reason to try and whiten your teeth. It is an excellent way to boost a person’s morale and make it easier for them to relate more confidently with people.

To have healthier teeth

Whiter teeth are often a sign of teeth that are well taken care of. Most teeth whitening procedures also promote better health of teeth by helping to fight plaque and bacteria that cause the deterioration of teeth. Once teeth that were in poor condition get whitened, it is often a fresh start on the process of caring for teeth that aims to ensure that oral and dental health is maintained by the individual involved.

To look younger

It is a well-known fact that discolored teeth often make a person look much older than they actually are. It is also a fact that aging tends to cause the yellowing of the teeth. As such, many people look for ways to whiten their teeth in order to reverse the effect of the aged teeth on their general appearance.

It is a remedy that has aged many individuals and continues to do so till this day.

What is the SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System?

The SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System is a set of products that can be used systematically to help you whiten your teeth in a matter of days.

This group of products come in the form of an assembled kit consisting of products that each work to help you whiten your teeth in a span of at least 14 days.

What does the SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System contain?

SoleilGLO Extreme Whitening Gel

This is gel that is placed within the teeth tray, which is then attached to the teeth directly. Said to deliver results in record time, this gel also strengthens the teeth while at the same time targeting the plaque on the tooth surfaces.

UV Accelerator

This is a device that uses UV light technology to target the extreme whitening gel applied on your teeth in order to activate it. It is this light-based activation that gets the whitening gel to work penetrating the teeth directly, working to help clear up the dull color on the teeth.

Teeth Tray

This is state of the art, flexible and soft tray that is made of silicone in the molded shape of the teeth for the best contact with them. This is effective in making sure that all surfaces can be reached by the Extreme Whitening gel that is then applied on its inner surface for direct contact with the teeth.

These three devices work together in unison to help you achieve the best possible results in teeth whitening. The Extreme Gel is applied on the inner surface of the Teeth tray, which is then placed on the surface of the teeth, and the UV Accelerator placed on top of it and turned on.

soleilglo advanced teeth whitening system box -

How does the SoleilGLO Advanced Whitening System work?

The whole process of application of the product may sound a bit complicated but at the heart of the matter, the Extreme whitening gel is bleach that simply bleaches the teeth.

The Teeth Tray is there for better contact of the gel with the teeth and the UV Accelerator simply shines the UV light on the gel to get it to bleach your teeth faster. It also has the added benefit of combating plaque buildup in teeth, helping to fight it off and keep teeth healthier for a much longer period of time.

What are the results of Soleil GLO?

There are many testimonies from satisfied customers that speak of how this whitening kit worked for them.  Of course before getting into any at-home teeth whitening regiment, it is highly encouraged that you consult with your dentist for the best way forward. Not all sets of teeth are the same and a professional’s input is usually encouraged before you begin. It is encouraged that you use it daily and Soleil GLO says that your teeth will be up to 7 shades brighter in just about a fortnight of constant use.

The fact that it not only whitens teeth but also helps a great deal in the breakup of plaque makes SoleilGLO highly recommended by many dental professionals. It is however, encouraged that you also continue regularly brushing and scrubbing your teeth daily with the whitening applicator in order to ensure that your teeth are much healthier.

How much does the SoleilGLO kit cost?

Each item on the kit is sold with an individual price, and he overall cost of the full kit is about 126 USD.  This will most likely cover every part of the kit, giving you the full teeth whitening experience. Depending on your location in the world, shipping costs may differ. The company is of course based in Australia, and international orders come with an additional 15% fee, most likely for shipping purposes.

Where can you get your own SoleilGLO kit?

So you have decided you wanted white teeth again, so you want to try the SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System. It is easy to buy yourself a kit by visiting this page: Order SoleilGLO.

What are the advantages off using the SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System?

White teeth

It is a teeth whitening kit after all, so this is definitely its main advantage. You will be able to spot visible change in your teeth as early as 14 days, with up to 7 good shades of change from the previous dark shade to the much lighter shade that you want. You will have a more confident and much brighter smile that is sure to boost your morale as you interact with the world with a fresh and more glowing look.

Ease of use

One of the best things about this kit is the fact that it is easy to use. All you have to do is follow the attached instructions and using the items in the kit will be a walk in the park. You can buy it and use it from the comfort of your own home, and many have lauded its DIY approach to caring for one’s own teeth. Just place the Extreme Whitening Gel on the Teeth Tray, place the tray firmly on your teeth and place the UV Accelerator on top of it and turn it on for the next few minutes. Then you can just watch it do its magic.

Reduced cost

Purchasing this kit can literally save you the regular trips to the dentist that could cost you a lot of money for a teeth whitening procedure. This is very kind to the pockets and you will never regret making the purchase that saved you a bit of money in the long run.

Comparing how much it would cost to visit a dentist and have a complex teeth whitening procedure carried out on your teeth to the one time purchase cost of buying SoleilGLO, it is clear that the latter is the more sound and financially viable option.

Healthier  teeth

Continued use of this teeth whitening kit will help you have much healthier teeth in the long run. Combined with the daily brushing of the teeth with the gel on it, you can be sure that there will be removal of unwanted discoloration as well as plaque on your teeth, with the protection ensuring that it stays away.

The many rave reviews and testimonials on the effectiveness of this particular teeth whitening kit alone should be enough to make you consider giving it a chance. Don’t just jump into it however, because it is important to get the opinion of your dentist first before trying out the SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System.

Either way, you will most definitely not be disappointed by the results achieved by this kit as many more out there have not. Feel free to visit their website and make an order and have this remarkable product delivered to you, and very soon you will be enjoying its numerous benefits. Click here to order SoleilGLO!

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