What to do if you want long hair

Ladies all over the world dream of having long beautiful hair. It may not necessarily grow overnight, but long lustrous hair is not an impossible goal, if your pay attention to these few tips.

  • Be gentle

You need to be gentle when you handle your hair. When you are combing to detangle it, start from the scalp making your way up. Avoid fine toothed combs and if you can avoid combs entirely, use your fingers to detangle it.

  • Moisturize

Healthy hair is always moisturized. Moisturize as often as you can because hair grown best when it is moisturized. You can purchase moisturizer in many stores, or even make your very own moisturizer. Just keep your hair moisturized and it will thank you by growing long.

  • Trim

It may sound unorthodox, but actually occasionally cutting your hair encourages it to grow. Trimming gets rid of split ends that actually inhibit hair growth so whenever you can, trim your hair.

  • Ditch the shampoo

Believe it or not, constantly washing your hair with shampoo can strip the naturally existing oils from your hair, making it dry and even brittle. Reduce how often you wash with shampoo, and if you can, avoid shampoo altogether.

  • Avoid the heat

Heat is most probably your hair’s worst enemy. Flat ironing every time you have to do your hair just burns the hair making it brittle and hard. Washing your hair with hot  water does the same thing as well. Try washing with warm or cold water.