Skin care Advice for Spring

The change in seasons always brings about transformations in the weather and environment. It therefore becomes important to re-evaluate your skin care regimen in preparation for spring time. During spring, you may want to begin using a moisturizer that is light in weight rather than the heavy ones required for surviving the dry conditions of cold weather.

Spring is here with new skin care requirements

It is also a good idea to change any other product that you regularly use especially if you have not used it since before winter. There is no infinite shelf life for skin care products and you are likely to achieve better results using fresh products than those whose formula has been subjected to varying temperatures and light.

Nutrition and skin care regimen

The basic building block to any skin care regimen is nutrition. And spring is the best time to access fresh fruit and green vegetables cheaply. Stock up on strawberries, asparagus and baby greens such as spinach. Be sure to increase the organic foods in your diet as the fewer pesticides and toxins you consume, the better it will be for your liver and spleen.

Go for lightweight foundation with SPF protection of 15. Avoid the full coverage foundations you used during the dry wintry conditions as these would do more harm than good in spring when the air holds more moisture. Wear the right protection after working outdoors or during exposure to known irritants in the air. Take a quick shower after you return indoors to prevent any further skin reactions to pollen or other allergens present in the air.