Skin Protection for the Winter

While it may be difficult to avoid feeling cold during the winter months, it is possible to prevent your skin from getting dry and flaky.

Individuals who tend to spend a lot of time indoors should use a humidifier where possible, and reduce their dependence on indoor heaters. A humidifier is great because it helps keep the air indoors moist as opposed to the hot air of indoor heaters that tends to dry out the skin. If you are indoors a lot, try not to depend too much on the heater, but instead wear layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. Be sure to also take shorter showers in warm water rather than water that is scalding hot. 

Avoid facial skin cleansers that are harsh to the skin and instead opt for cleaners with ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter and essential oils. Whenever you go outdoors, be sure to properly cover your face and body with the right winter clothing, scarves, gloves, as well as a hat or hoodie that will keep the sides of your face also covered.

Even after all this, if your skin still feels dry during the winter season, you may also drink a lot of water to keep you well hydrated. But in order for the water to benefit your skin, you will simultaneously need to cut down on your caffeine and alcohol consumption.

You also want to moisturize your skin in the morning, once during the daytime and in the evening before bed.