Pineapple Juice Home Remedy for Wrinkles under Eyes

under-eye-wrinkle-pineapple-cosmetiqoWrinkles under eyes compromise the whole beauty of your face.

Women spend hours in cosmetic salons, burning a whole in their pocket, and expose themselves to various costly treatments just to get rid of these lines.

But not many of them realize that wrinkles under eyes can be cured at home, using easy homemade remedies. It takes little time to prepare them, as well as offers you the opportunity to save money.

A quick remedy which you can transform into a daily habit to prevent the appearance of wrinkles under eyes is pineapple juice.

The fresh juice of pineapples contains an active enzyme called bromelain. It is a natural form of alpha hydoxy acid, which is famous is healing wrinkles. You just have to take some pineapple juice and apply it on the wrinkles under eyes.

Leave it to act for about twenty minutes and then rinse off. By doing this procedure regularly, you will prevent the appearance of eye wrinkles and will treat the existent ones.

Pineapple is also popular for its properties in exfoliation of skin. For the removal of dead skin cells, it is recommended more the use of the juice of unripe pineapple. For exfoliation, add to the juice several drops of coconut or olive oil and mix well the ingredients. After this, rub well your face skin with this blend. After several minutes of rubbing, wash off the exfoliant and apply some coconut or olive oil, now to moisturize your skin.

This remedy does not guarantee you the absolute removal of eye wrinkles, but it definitely will treat them by 50-60%.