Kava Kava could reverse the signs of aging

Kava Kava could slow down aging.

Kava Kava or Piper methysticum is an herb that is generally used to treat mouth ulcers, mental awareness and as an aphrodisiac, however, it also acts as an excellent herb for treating the common symptoms of aging in a harmless and effective manner.

We have been on the hunt for alternatives to chemical skin creams for months now. We have been suggested a number of home-made remedies by friends and family alike but nothing seemed to give me the effects that we desired.

Chemical skin creams, despite working initially, is not a very efficient solution for long-term use, and thus, my quest began for finding an alternative that actually works.

And it is on this quest that we found a possible answer to that.

Kava Kava could be a time machine for the skin

1. The property of kava kava that makes it excellent for use as an anti-aging cream alternative is that the plant has over 80% water storage in the roots, 45% starch and 30% fiber. The fibrous nature of the plant helps you to treat a host of problems associated with aging.

2. Kava kava plant also has a protein named kavalactones, which is a protein complex that helps in the reduction of the appearance of the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity of the skin and the like.

3. The plant should not be used during pregnancy, lactation, by people suffering from endogenous depression as well as people with alcoholism or any type of liver damage.