Perfect Alternative for Your Average Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner has been the go to makeup for women all around the world since the dawn of time. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could ditch it once in a while and cheat with some really cool and edgy alternative eyeliner colors that screamed fashionista?

Well, if you said ‘yes’, then we have just the right ones for you!

Brown eyeliner:

Apart from black, this is the safest option, especially for people who have black or brown coloured eyes and/or a warmer complexion. Be it with or without bangs, this one is just amazing on everyone. Of course, you can always go for bolder lips since brown eyeliner will downplay the eyes.

Gold eyeliner:

This is literally one of the most “extra” colours ever. But don’t shy away from bold fashion statements once in a while. We suggest that you try this with your everyday black liner. Simply line your lids with black, and follow it up, leaving no space in between, with a swipe of golden eyeliner. To add some drama, you can go for a more intense smoky eye look.

Deep green eyeliner:

If you have hazel or slightly blue hued irises, then a deep green eyeliner is your new best friend. While being slightly subtle, it not only shines against every complexion, but it always manages to bring out the different hues in your eyes. In fact, if your irises are not of a particular colour, then all the better!

Grey eyeliner:

We know that a grey eyeliner sounds very weird, but trust us on this, grey is very subtle, especially if you are planning on using it during the daytime. Grey is best used, not as a sharp like on either of your lids, but rather to blend it out into a more subtle look. Just use it along with a smudge brush and you’ll be good to go.

Navy blue eyeliner:

If you are in the mood for some serious business and still want to look sharp and striking, then a deep navy blue eyeliner is your best bet! While not as traditional as black, it can add a pop of colour if you are wearing a monochromatic outfit. This is also the easiest way to look presentable if you feel lazy while doing your makeup this morning.

Purple eyeliner:

Purple is a little more on the unconventional side when it comes to eyeliners, but trust us on this, this is one of the best things ever. Absolutely perfect for individuals with light brown or even black eyes, a dash of purple line with some subtle red lipstick will make heads turn your way.

Silver eyeliner:

Talk about a fun colour! You can use your silver eyeliner either all by itself, to brighten up your smokey eye or even with your everyday black eyeliner, the choice is absolutely yours. Just dab a little bit of it on your lower eyelid and you’re done!

So what is your favourite alternative to black eyeliner? Let us know!

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