Getting rid of dark circles

get-rid-dark-circles-womenDark circles are a kind of skin condition characterized by actual darkness of the skin under the eyes. They can be formed for a number of reasons such as lacking enough sleep, sleeping too much or even allergic reactions.

Dark circles could also be hereditary. Whatever the reason, dark circles are formed when blood accumulates and darkens around the capillaries under the skin just under the eyes. They are visible because the skin just under the eyes is the thinnest in the whole body.

Aesthetically they are not appealing and they make a person look aged and tired. There are ways to get rid of them however, that could restore the beauty of the face in a matter of days.

How to get rid of dark circles

Cool cucumber slices on the eyes are very soothing, which helps the blood vessels under the eyes to constrict, making them less visible. It is also mildly astringent so it also helps to get rid of eye bags.

Lemon juice is acidic, and this makes it a bleaching agent that is very capable of getting rid of the dark color under the eyes. It cannot be overstated however, the care that should be exercised when using bleach on such a thin patch of skin because it can be irritating if it is in excess.

Applying a little bit of almond under the eyes before going to sleep every night could make such a huge difference in the way that your eyes look in the morning.