Egg Face Mask

Egg Face Mask

Since ancient times, egg face masks have been used as natural simple facial skin care treatments. With this face mask, you are able to enjoy a satisfying and relaxing natural spa experience right there in the comfort of your own home. The face mask is simple, affordable and its ingredients are readily available. The great thing about egg face masks is that they can generally be applied on every skin type.

The egg face mask has been proven to be an effective element in natural skin care. This is due to the fact that egg whites work to cleanse, exfoliate and tighten the skin, while the egg yolks work in moisturizing, feeding and soothing the skin. It is this combination that makes the egg an almost indispensable ingredient in homemade facials.

Before applying your egg face mask, be sure to clean your face and neck using fresh water. Remove all cosmetics, lotions, creams and any other skin care products you may have used. Where necessary, use a non-aggressive, non-abrasive soap as well. Once done, you may gently pat the skin dry. If you have time, take a steam bath or hot shower that will clean and open your pores up.

Once you have applied your egg face mask, you will need to lie down, placing a rolled towel under your neck and head. Place two slices of cucumber on your eyelids or even two used and cooled chamomile teabags. Alternatively, you may soak two cotton pads in lavender or rose water.