Injection free = Pain free

Botox & Cosmetic Surgery

Injection free = Free from painThere are various disadvantages to the Botox treatment and other cosmetic surgical procedures.

For instance, beauty patients who undergo Botox risk suffering from muscular tension or getting poisoned by the treatment. This typically happens when an inappropriate quantity of Botox is injected into the body, or where the body itself is not fit to undergo this type of treatment. When this occurs, the person faces a very severe risk to their personal health, which could even result in fatalities. 

Another disadvantage of Botox is that it is not a permanent anti-aging treatment. As such, the individual will be forced to frequently incur the costs and inconveniences of this treatment in order to obtain its aesthetic benefit. In the long run, Botox and other forms of cosmetic surgery become costly to the patient.

Due to the prohibitive costs of Botox and other cosmetic surgical procedures, many individuals are today turning to other non-invasive, less-costly, anti-aging alternatives. These other anti-aging treatments involve the use of skin care cosmetic products that contain proven ingredients, are much cheaper and just as effective as surgery, without the harmful side effects.

The non-invasive procedures enable the patient to attain a younger look for a longer period of time as they remain effective throughout their use. These treatments are not time-consuming and enable the individual to resume their normal day-to-day activities once complete.

In comparison to the surgical means of attaining beauty, these non-invasive and non-surgical procedures do not result in harmful side effects or require procedures such as anesthesia. BellaVei is a popular anti aging kit comprised of 4 products…