Anti-Aging Skin Care for Dry Skin

A parched complexion will age faster

Whether you have always had dry skin or your condition began after menopause, you should know that a parched complexion will age faster than any other skin type. Therefore your goal should be to obtain age-defying treatments and moisturize as much as possible in order to get your skin feeling normal. For dry skin that is deprived of moisture, you need to find products that will boost the skin’s emollience.

Cleansing dry skin

To cleanse your skin, use cream-based, alcohol-free cleansers that will leave it feeling soft and clean. Be sure to cleanse your skin both in the morning and at night before you go to bed. To hydrate your skin, layer on hydrating products during the day such as soothing facial serums and oils, as well as rich creams. Ingredients to look for in your skin creams include glycerin, ceramides or shea butter, all of which aid in locking in the serum or oil. Apply your creams both in the morning and evening or as indicated in the instructions.

Dry skin and SPF

When your skin is on the fast track to getting fine lines, it is important to begin wearing SPF if you aren’t already. This should be applied after the cream. Find a product that contains moisturizing properties that will boost your skin’s hydration. If your dry skin is particularly sensitive, you may want to look into using a physical mineral block rather than a chemical one. This is because dry skin is particularly prone to tiny cracks in the surface that could make chemical formulas sting.