Facial Cleansers

facial-cleansers-cosmetiqoIt is a wonderful thing to be able to take care of your skin. One of these ways is facial cleansing. It is important to wash your face, and facial cleansing is one thorough and effective way to do it.

There are numerous facial cleansers out there such as Olay or Neutrogena which are sold in many cosmetic shops. There are also a lot of natural facial cleansers out in there, some of which you may not have known about.

Facial cleansers are becoming more preferable because they are not costly and they will most definitely not harm your skin. Some of these include but are not limited to:


The great thing about yoghurt is that it contains a lot of detoxifying agents such as lactic acid and protein and a bit of fat too. You can mix it with any essences so that it smells great.  You can apply it to your face using your fingertips and wash it out after about one minute or so.


One of the best qualities of honey is its moisturizing properties. Cleanse your face with a warm washcloth that is smeared with a bit of honey. Scrub properly to remove anything that may be blocking your skin pores such as sweat or dirt and wash it off to get smooth skin.


Oatmeal or any kind of such grain can be a very good exfoliating cleaner for your face because of its gritty properties. Mix it up with a bit of lemon, lime or orange juice for maximum effect.