thyme-cosmetiqo-skin-benefits-antibacterialScientists have recently found that the topical application of thyme is effective in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne.

This is a better option to the standard creams that contain benzoyl peroxide and which come with irritating side effects. The small yet mighty leaves of the thyme plant are able to kill pore-clogging bacteria in just a couple of minutes.

Researchers tested 3 different tinctures comprising thyme, myrrh and marigold, on the bacteria that is responsible for acne outbreaks. They discovered that while all the tinctures were able to kill bacteria within 5 minutes, the tincture of thyme was the most effective.

Thyme has a strong antibacterial effect

They further discovered that thyme had a bigger antibacterial effect than benzoyl peroxide, a common treatment for acne. The tinctures were made by steeping the thyme herb inside alcohol, which then draws out the active compounds in the plant.

While the 3 herbs have been used before in certain antibacterial skin washes, this was the first time they had demonstrated effectiveness in fighting the bacteria that cause acne.

Nevertheless, more research still needs to be carried out before the tincture of thyme can be declared to be clinically effective for the treatment of acne. But if and when the findings are confirmed, thyme could prove to be a great, gentle and more natural alternative to treating acne effectively.

As you wait for the confirmation from scientists, you may do your own testing on the effectiveness of thyme by trying out skincare products that contain this miracle ingredient today.