The Benefits of Citric Acid for your Skin

citric-acid-cosmetiqoIn the ever changing world of skin care, it is always good to keep up with some of the emerging trends, while still keeping the old tried and tested methods in our stride.

One such trend is the use of using citric acid topically yon the skin. The reason why many people do this is because of the following benefits that citric acid brings to the collective skin care table.

Citric acid acts as a skin brightening agent

Citric acid contains vitamin C whose natural anti-oxidant properties help reduce the amounts of dark pigmentation on the skin. It is for this surprising reason that citric acid peels are used to help people achieve even skin tones and fade scars and dark spots. Do not use too much citric acid on the skin though, as it could lead to irritation.

Citric acid is great at unclogging pores

A citric acid cleanse could help open up your pores so that the dirt and dead skin cells clogged up inside them could come out. Remember to wash thoroughly with warm water.

Citric acid fights acne

The acid in citric acid is a wonderful anti-inflammatory which will soothe the redness of the skin and help stop acne in its tracks. Its lightening properties also reduce scars.

It is an efficient anti-aging agent

As an exfoliant, citric acid gets rid of dead skin cells while promoting the growth of new ones. It also assists in fighting the free radicals that cause aging, making it a key ingredient in anti-aging creams.