PetitgrainPetitgrain is a plant that originates in Southeast Asia, a bitter orange tree that produces petitgrain essential oil in the form of a colorless to pale yellow liquid. The essential oil of petitgrain is extracted from the fresh leaves and tender young twigs of the orange tree through a system of steam distillation.

This ingredient derives its name from the fact that previously, its oil was extracted from the young green oranges which were the sizes of peas – hence the name petit grain. Today, the oil is used extensively in the skin care cosmetics industry.

Petitgrain in Skincare

With its thin consistency and strong aroma, petitgrain has been used in the skin care industry for the treatment of acne and oily skin. The skin care benefits of petitgrain are attributed to its properties which include anti-septic properties.

As an antiseptic, petitgrain fights infections by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. As a non toxic non irritant, this oil may be safely applied topically on wounds, which are typically the points that are most vulnerable to infections as they are openings on the skin surface.

This ingredient also works well as a sedative for all types of nervous crises including skin irritations, affliction and inflammations. Petit grain is also ideal for the maintenance of moisture and oil balance in the skin, the treatment of acne, pimples, abnormal sweating, cracking and dryness of the skin, as well as ring worm.

This ingredient also helps to provide the skin with a cool and refreshing feeling especially during the summer months.