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Palmitoyl on Wikipedia
Palmitoyl is a peptide which serves as a building block for amino acids. Palmitoyl is commonly used as an anti-aging ingredient in skin care products designed to help fight the effects of aging, by repairing and rejuvenating damaged skin.

The reason why Palmitoyl works is because of its ability to bind to human skin. It forms a strong bond which increases the production of collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycan. Early studies on the effectiveness of this ingredient have been very promising in concluding that Palmitoyl is a good collagen precursor.

Palmitoyl Side Effects

Palmitoyl has not been found to have any side effects, while offering many positive results such as the ability to improve skin elasticity. This ingredient also offers anti-inflammatory benefits by reducing the production of interleukin to up to 40%. Interleukin is the chemical that is most associated with inflammation, and which is created by the body in response to damage.

For instance, skin cells that are damaged by over exposure to UV rays may result in the production of this chemical, thereby causing cell deterioration from inflammation. Palmitoyl blocks this chemical so as to provide relief to some of its pressure on the skin, thereby enabling it to heal faster.

Palmitoyl has also been found to assist in the reduction of problems relating to skin roughness, thin skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The right amount of Palmitoyl in cosmetic products induces the natural production of collagen to enable healing and rejuvenation of the skin. This ingredient has also been found to aid in the reduction of the appearance of uneven skin tones.