Evening Primrose Oil

evening-primrose-oil-cosmetiqoThe seeds of the flower Evening Primrose produce an oil of light yellow colour with a distinctive smell.

The Evening Primrose Oil has high consistency of omega 6/9, vitamin E and linoleic acid (CLA) rendering it a strong defender of skin health. It is considered ideal for tired, dry or dehydrated skin surface but it is more widely used as a basic component in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle treatments.

The Evening Primrose Oil offers significant protection against the signs of aging, particularly wrinkle formed around the eyes and on the neck. Its rich potency of CLA helps in slowing down the process of aging, in reconstructing in depth skin cells and in restructuring collagen fibres.

DIY Cosmetics with Evening Primrose Oil

This true miracle of nature keeps skin irritations on balance and retains the humidity levels moisturising thus the skin on which it is applied on. You can mix evening primrose oil with other natural oils to create your own DIY cosmetics.

The application process should be followed both day and night, by applying the oil by itself or in conjunction with a serum using circular moves on face and neck.

Alternatively, you can add 5ml of evening primrose oil in your daily diet, either by enriching salads or juices with the natural oil or by taking a supplement, available at drug stores and pharmacies.

Cosmetics with Evening Primrose Oil
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