Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an enzyme which when topically applied on the skin serves as a very good antioxidant. When taken orally, Alpha Lipoic Acid takes the form of water and fat soluble antioxidant with the capacity to regenerate other antioxidants including vitamins C and E. This enzyme is believed to exert numerous anti-inflammatory effects.

While scientific tests on Alpha Lipoic Acid have not been conducted on humans, research has been carried out on human dermal fibroblasts in vitro (test tube) in cell-culture systems. The in vitro results are interesting as they are tested on models that tend to mimic human skin.

Some studies have found that when Alpha Lipoic Acid is taken orally, it can assist in the prevention of cellular damage through its antioxidant properties. Research clearly indicates that Alpha Lipoic Acid is a potent antioxidant, known for its ability to diminish fine lines, provide a healthy glow to the skin, as well as boost levels of other antioxidants, including vitamin C.

Referred to as “the miracle in a jar” Alpha Lipoic Acid has earned its reputation from its remarkable anti-aging effects. This ultra-potent oxidant is recognized for its ability in fighting future skin damage, as well as repairing past damage.

Also known as the “universal antioxidant”, this element is soluble in both oil and water, which allows for its penetration into all areas of the cell. It is this quality that enables Alpha Lipoic Acid to provide exceptional protection from harmful free radicals, in comparison to other antioxidants.