Aloe Vera, The “Plant Of Immortality” Since Ancient Egypt

Aloe leaves contain a “healing” gel

Aloe vera is a type of cactus plant which belongs to the Liliaceae family.

Used for centuries for its medicinal properties, aloe vera is grown in dry climates typically in Africa and India.

The aloe plant secretes a clear gel which when broken off from the rest of the plant may be topically applied to soothe skin and heal wounds.

Since ancient times when the ancient Egyptians referred to it as the “plant of immortality” aloe vera has been used for a myriad of benefits. Since then, its benefits have become more medicinal and targeted, thereby making it one of the leading sunburn therapies in the world today.

Aloe Vera was known as the “plant of immortality” in ancient Egypt

Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate aloe vera benefits, and have found that the plant actually does have various properties which are effective for the treatment of different skin conditions ranging from dry to flaky skin, cosmetic ailments, scalp and hair problems and much more.

Aloe vera has also been found to be effective in the treatment of burns, cysts, wounds, diabetes, minor skin infections and elevated blood lipids. The plant has also shown some promise in the treatment of the more persistent and serious conditions including eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, skin ulcers, canker sores and genital herpes.

Potential Benefits of Aloe Vera

Some of the key benefits of aloe vera include the fact that it treats acne and sunburn thereby enabling the skin to heal faster; serves as a moisturizer to prevent the drying of the skin; fights the ageing process; and reduces the visibility of stretch marks.

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