6 skin care ingredients hidden in your kitchen

skin-care-ingredients-kitchen-cosmetiqoHere is a list a things in your kitchen you could use to maintain a healthy and youthful complexion:

  • Olive oil

You may be using it to cook your meals, but rubbing some of it on your skin may prove to be beneficial as well. It is of course olive oil, and this makes it an excellent moisturizer that seals in moisture for the skin.

  • Yoghurt

Yoghurt contains lactic acid which is great for helping get rid of dark spots and dark circles. Include it in your next masks and watch your skin tone flawlessly.

  • Eggs

Specifically egg white contains fiboflavin, which is great for removing toxins and fighting free radicals that induce premature aging. To top this off, egg white is rich in protein that encourages cell repair and growth, giving you youthful skin.

  • Avocado

If you are going to make a face mask, do not leave out the Avocado. Not only is this every day fruit a great moisturizer, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for treating acne and other skin conditions that may be troubling you.

  • Honey

It may be the sweet ingredient to you tea, but honey is also an amazing skin moisturizer, but it also contains enzymes that clear up your skin pores, giving you radiant skin.

  • Gram flour

Gram flour is a wonderful exfoliant. Mix it up with so antioxidant rich blueberries and you have yourself a wonderful exfoliating mask.

  • Lemon juice

You may use it in your marinade, but a little bit of lemon juice in your face mask for a few minutes could reduce dark spots and even scars.