5 Skin Care Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

5 Skin Care Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

When even the most expensive skin treatments stop working on your skin, there’s probably something wrong with your skin care routine, rather than the product in question.

Read below to find out what’s causing your dryness and breakouts.

What Mistakes Are You Making?

1. Cleansing in the Wrong Order

Follow this cheat sheet to keep your skin clear of makeup.

If you’re wearing a full face of makeup, start by removing your eye makeup with cleansing wipes, gently wiping most of it away. Next, use a gentle cleaner like a water-based or milky formula. Remove the remaining gunk with soft cotton, and use circular motions so that the makeup is concentrated. Pushing in the wrong direction can cause skin puffiness.

2. Over scrubbing

Don’t mistake that smoothness for health when scrubbing. Exfoliating your skin till its red only leads to wrinkles, and exacerbates acne as well. It also increases skin cell shedding, which then accumulates in your pores, settles as blackheads and causes breakouts.

3. Too Hot Water

Turning up the temperature may feel nice now, but it only leads to skin irritation later, both because of the product and the water itself.

Use lukewarm water. Or better yet, use a cold water rinse to wash of the residue from your makeup remover. This will help tighten your pores. Not to mention, it’ll feel refreshing for your skin.

4. Not Changing the Pillow Case

Pillows carry most of the germs that cause acne problems and rosacea, especially for people who have sensitive skin. Flip the pillowcase two nights after. Wash it the third day.

5. Skipping the Hairline and Down Your neck

You apply your foundation and bronzer around the forehead, your cheeks and your neck to get that look.

So why skip those areas when you wash your makeup off at night? Don’t let your skin sit under the layer of makeup; otherwise you’ll have a fair share of acne to worry about. Use cleansing wipes to clean off the makeup and swipe it off gently from your neck and hairline.

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